What’s this?

Welcome to Shoebox Castle! It is Verysmallcountry’s main attraction and home to the Queen of Verysmallcountry. That’s me. Shoebox Castle is my flat. This is a joke that started back when I lived in a shared flat in a small room full of furniture. I kept it, because it sounds nice.

This is my blog. I post about all kinds of things here, from fictional texts, to accounts of places I have visited, to things I have made, found, observed, media I have consumed, and also feminist and other issues that motivate me to write longer texts.

This blog is moderated, hatespeech, personal insults and mansplaining will be deleted unless I want to make a point.

If you’re looking for my library blog, that place is not here. Go to http://toechterregalias.wordpress.com/ for the library blog. It’s mostly in German, but has English posts as well. Here be a different brand of nerdiness.

This is the personal blog of Anna Zschokke, Vienna, Austria. You can find me on twitter as @nightlibrarian and on tumblr here: http://kleiner3frequenz.tumblr.com/

And just who am I?

Currently a student of Library & Information Science, always a digital bluestocking, bonafide historian. knitter european cinephile internet waterer feminist anglophile food design music literature art comic anime appreciator librarian any chance i get own cat will travel

Generally: Things I do: media analysis, art appreciation, creative production.

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