The Will Boutique

A curious name. I stepped into the shop and was greeted by a friendly salesperson. “What can I do for you today?”, they asked. I looked around, quickly, to find something to ask about. But the shop was bare. “What do you sell here?”, I asked.

“Wills”, they replied. “All kinds.” “So I could buy a guy called Will? Or set up my last will and testament? Or …” Suddenly I stopped talking. A thought had started a burning in my chest. I looked at the salesperson.

They were explaining something: “… can be arranged, but what do you want a guy named Will for? Of course we have everything you need for a will, but I sense you want something different.”

“Willpower”, I replied. I felt desperate and at the same time, drunkenly elated. Could it be this simple, to just buy it at a shop, take five drops every day, and just do things! It seemed incredible. It seemed impossible!

Later, I had the bottle tested and it was just a mix of salt and sugar water. But by then I had changed the world.


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